About 50 Youths rehabilitated from Iwawa accuse Kicukiro District officials of exploitation. They claim not to know where abouts of harvest from their efforts to vegetable growing project which was introduced in May, 2017.

They say to have no gain from their cooperative namely ’Kora Uterimbere’ since about 60% of the profit from their project established on two hectares at Nyandungu swamp was someonelse’s source of revenues.

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One of them off record told Bwiza.com that District officials only provided them with all requirements for accomplishments of the project such as hoes, proper shoes, manure and even a car transport. However there was no provision of food and drinks.

District officials did not present to us the outcome of our farming project, we worked without food or something to drink “off record interviewer told us.

Kicukiro District officer in charge of youth, Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana  said the purpose of the initiative was only to support these youths to come up with something helpful in terms of money for they were the beneficiaries at the first hand, hence they did not provide food facilities.

We didn’t provide food facilities for this initiative, we later realized that they no longer have courage and the number was decreasing on daily basis” Nshimiyimana said.

Even though we didn’t offer food facilities for they were living in their homes, we once went there with the police officers, we found some of them left while others were smoking weeds ”Nshimiyimana added.

The officer complimented Kicukiro District is committed to help them as long as they change their behavior.

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Gaston Rwaka/Bwiza.com


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