Kigali: A new adopted rule to daunt street vendors


Committee executive meeting of city of Kigali on 3 May 2015, regarding street vendors and their clients, concluded that anyone who will be caught selling or buying street product will be fined of Rwf 10,000.

Approved order released in official Gazette of 18 July 2016 and highlighted in article 19.

It stipulates, “Not contrary to other laws, anyone found buying or selling around the street in Kigali city, will be fined with Rwf 10,000 to be paid to district account and his products will be transferred to the reserved place in district he caught in”.

Rwanda government and city of Kigali has launched new markets to facilitate street vendors and other people who similarly perform it in illicit places like main car parking place, etc.

The struggles went on in spite of measures taken to dilapidate the action until some get killed by security keepers.

Mahoro Theodosie, a 28 street vendors got killed in Nyabugogo main car parking on 7 May 2016. He was kicked by a security keeper.

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Théogène U

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