AEE(African Evangelical Enterprise)Kigali representative, Albert Mabasi, provided material support to 42 TVET graduates in Kigali Leading TSS, downstairs in Kiyovu this Friday. The support worth five millions Rwandan francs, and was provided under sponsorship of USAID Ubaka ejo- build the future.

The support include 34 various items, used in culinary and hotel activities, such as saucepans, plates, chairs, tables, fridges, kettles, etc., and will be shared by two youth groups.

According to Albert Mabasi, AEE Kigali, the support is provided from USAID Ubaka ejo will facilitate AEE’s evangelical mission, by moving from words to practice.

Beneficiaries are 42 graduates, who studied TVET under AEE support. These students are selected from villages up to district approval. This program integrates 60 young men in Nyarugenge, 90 in Kicukiro and 100 in Gasabo, by Rose Uwababyeyi, OVC officer. One group of graduates has already a restaurant in Nyabugogo, down in Kigali.


The occasion was a graduation of 235 student at Kigali Leading TSS, located at Kiyovu, Muhima Sector. All have completed Hospitality and Tourism studies, but in different levels: 53 for three years course, 52 for 1 year course and 130 got a three months training.All these graduates are not only job seekers, but also job creaters according to their representative.


Meanwhile, parents, students and Rwandans in general have to change minds about the link between job and studies.The guest of honor, Muhire JMV from WDA, makes  a reminder. “ In TVETs, every one is welcome, including illiterate people. We have been enrolling University graduates for a three months technical training, but they came numerous, as they got degrees and missed jobs. Parents, better the child starts by getting job, and job will finance degrees. You are orienting your daughters and sons in Medicine or Law, while vacancies are limited in those domains”.

All in all, Kigali Leading TSS has graduated 1135 students since 2013, but 895 already got jobs, and some are self-employed.

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