The Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) says the current water shortage in different parts of the country’s capital city may be caused by a number of construction activities of urban settlement being operated around the town and different subscribers became victims of the serious issue, as a result.

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James SANO, WASAC Director General told Journalists during a press conference on Wednesday that different water projects are being operated countrywide to end the water shortage woes on a permanent basis that has been voiced through the years to reach its target to supply water to the country population at 100 per cent by 2020.

According to WASAC, water supply reaches 90 per cent of the total population in urban areas, comparing to 85 per cent in the rural areas.

Among the water projects set to provide water supply back up include Nzove II Water Plant, inaugurated by President Kagame last year, whose capacity of producing of m3 25000 while Nzove I Water Plant, which is under construction, will be producing m3 15000 when it is completed in March 2017 with the possibility to expand its water supply capacity to m3 40, 000 few days after its completion, while the former’s water supply could be expanded to m3 65000 by June 2017.

This means the total supply of two Nzove Water Projects will be m3 100, 500 by June 2017.

The increase of urban settlements, a hindrance to sastisfying water destination

Sano said that the ongoing water shortage is a common matter in the whole the country, and explained that the situation is worse in Kigali, whose urban settlements are increasing day after day and some quarters now share the communicated alternative hours of water access, although there are some which still are not reached by water.

He said,” some people living in hillsides or far away from our main lines of water distribution find it difficult to access water as they wish. Urban settlements are also incredibly increasing in some quarters, while the quantity of water supply remains stable”

Concerning the case of high speed of urban settlements in Kigali, Sano said that,” people who live near WASAC water supply lines also choose to put the water in their water tanks during the distribution arrangement and this cost their neighbors missing water as time goes by in order to shifter the supply arrangement to other quarters”


How is water distribution arrangement done?

Some people appear frustrated, criticizing the way water supply arrangement is done where there are cases of some city’s quarters that last not less than two weeks without water.

Some of them who talked to said that it seems like they fell out of favor. Many of the respondents are based in Nyamirambo, Kivugiza, Rwarutabura and those from Nyakabanda and Rwezamenyo Sectors in Nyarugenge District as well as those from Kicukiro, Niboyi and Busanza among other sectors in Kicukiro District.

The complaints were raised referring to some city’s parts like Gitega, Kiyovu and Gatsata among others which are consistently reached by water, something they questioned whether these parts were made to get full access to water like no other while it is three weeks since Nyamirambo has been reached by the water access.

On this issues, Sano explained,” those who say water is supplied to the city’s parts where local authorities are based get it wrong, is the fact Gatsata get water every day because it is a quarter of high local authorities? How many authorities living in Kagarama? What I am sure is that many local authorities I know stay in Kagarama, which is among the city parts struggling against water shortage,”

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“Others say the place has access to water because it is where the WASAC chief stays. Do you think He stays there alone? There are baseless facts of people because they don’t have water while they have right to water as evry Rwandan resident,” he added.

Meanwhile, people wonder why water goes on missing for over two weeks while the quantity is increasing thanks to Nzove water plant construction while before its construction, the shortage was average.

WASAC says that the arrangement process can’t be done when there is enough water, and assured that the km 5.2 water supply line from Nzove to Mont Kigali, as well as a mega tank which will be distributing water in Remera, Kimironko, Kanombe and Kicukiro to end the back-to-back water shortage woes.


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