Kigali: Nude photo leaks might have targeted me, but all women have been affected- Rwigara


Candidate aspirant for the August presidential elections, Shima Diane Rwigara has said anyone who got involved ion leaking the nude photos about her should face justice because they made assaults against not only her but all Rwandan women.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday after handing over her presidential document to the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Diane Rwigara said she felt touched when the photos were leaked, all naked and published on several social networks. She says that those who published them might have been targeting to attack her but, unfortunately, she sees the Rwandan women in position to be affected in general, instead.

Despite appearing not interested in once again expressing her reactions on the leaked photos, saying she has talked enough about the issue, Rwigara suggested that those who leaked the photos should face the justice and explain what they were up to.

“On the contrary, those who published these photos should be prosecuted and punished, in a so-called country of rights, you should only ask this question to the authors,” she explains.

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Asked whether she could appeal for her rights over the leaked nude photos, Ms Rwigara said she has no intention to plead complaint. “Many ask me this question, but, I reply that it would be for the one who decides …” she adds.

“Another thing is that our state is a country of rights, which advocates for the protection and respect of the rights of women. It is deplorable to see that in a country that has a large number of women in decision-making bodies cross their arms on this despicable act because of the fear they have”

Candidate Diane Shima Rwigara decided to sacrifice her Belgian citizenship in order to be able to make give a tough test to ruling party’s Paul Kagame, Frank Habineza of the Green Party, private candidates Gilbert Mwenedata and Fred Barafinda .

Diane Rwigara (heiress of the billionaire Assinapol Rwigara) handed over all required her candidacy documents to the National Electoral Commission accompanied by the relatives of his family and his mother.

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