Kigali: Orphanage closed over managerial conflicts


Government of Rwanda, under NCC (National Children Commission) has decided to close doors of Agape Home, an orphanage of 16 kids. The closure came after long lasting conflicts between the founder and sponsors.

Agape Home of children is located in Kibagabaga, it accommodated 16 children from poor families. It was created by Emmanuel Gasana, under sponsorship of I will stand International from Texas/ USA. NCC closed the orphanage last Friday, March 24th, in presence of Gasabo district officials, relatives of children, sponsor’s representative and the founder.

Conflicts behind the closure

Conflicts behind this closure, raised when Mr Emmanuel Gasana, the founder was in disagreement with “I Will Stand International” bosses, while he was claiming salary arrears. Gasana was representing the American based NGO in Rwanda, also taking care of children.

However, Andrea Williams, who chairs “I Will Stand International”, wrote a dismissal letter to Gasana, to whom he alleged misconduct and mismanagement of funds. The orphanage should also shift to an unknown place, according to Gasana, who noticed children interests denied.

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Gasana presented the case to Gasabo district and NCC who decided the current closure. “ My bosses in USA wrote about my representation expired, replaced by Pastor Aline Umuhoza, to whom I should hand over immediately. The same night, I thought I should concert Government institutions to overcome this situation”, said Emmanuel Gasana to media.

Now the result is this, NCC preferred closing the Home, rather than shifting them elsewhere. On my own understanding, my successor expressed individual interests, I worried as a parent of these kids”, adds Gasana.

While closing the orphanage this Friday, parents and relatives were there. Kids missing families will be transferred to Malayika Murinzi(Protecting angel).

Parents and relatives of kids in Agape Home
Parents and relatives of kids in Agape Home

Parents and relatives were very sad against this closure, as most of them are poor; but the Pastor Aline promised the support will still be provided, although children are kept home.

Pastor Aline, new representative of “I will stand International” is also happy for the closure, as it the national policy. She says “Am happy, this is not the first center closed, it’s a national policy. However, nothing is lost, we go on supporting kids, but not right here”.

On behalf of Gsabo district, Uwamahoro Jeannette Dalia, is charged of Gender and family issues. She congratulates the kids back to families, warning parents that “poverty couldn’t rend children to orphanage”.

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The current policy of closing orphanages started in 2012, and NCC has been closing many of them, 11 centers in 33 have already been closed, and making 2177 needy kids over 3000 integrated in families. The too recent in Gasabo, is Mere du verbe “Mother of the Word” who sheltered 93 kids. The following target is SOS Kdi in Kacyiru which accommodates 137 kids, but only 20 have found guest families.

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