Kigali: Police arrests three women Rwigaras


Rwandan police on this Monday evening, arrested Diane Shima Rwigara, who was barred from standing against incumbent Paul Kagame for the presidency, along with her mother and sister, on suspicion of forgery and tax evasion.

“They are accused of tax evasion and secondly Diane Rwigara is accused of using fake documents while she was gathering signatures for (her) presidential candidacy,” police spokesman Theos Badege told reporters.

The operation was carried out at 5.00 pm, when ten policemen forced to enter by ladder. They met three women inside and presented arrest warrants, then took them to Rwanda Investigation Board in a police van.

Electoral commission in Rwanda rejected Diane Rwigara from standing in August’s presidential vote, saying she had forged signatures, even some belonged to dead people. Back to family, they’re alleged of tax evasion by the father’s company Rwigass Cigarettes Company.

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The billionaire Assinapol Rwigara died in February 2015 by a road accident, and his house in Kiyovu was demolished seven months later.

Diane the daughter was determined to fight injustice as a president, but was disqualified.

July 14th, while qualified presidential candidates were starting campaign around the country, Diane Rwigara was launching a new non partisan movement to fight for Human rights, PSM(People’s Salvation Movement).

July 21st, she announced that the family company is blocked, with all bank accounts, bearing about six billions.

One week ago, his brother Aristide in USA claimed the trio was out of connection, but police said none was in custody.

Last Friday, four journalists went at the Rwigara’s and met soldiers whom they accuse of harassing them, what police qualified as bad communication between both who all had right to act in their respective jobs.

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