Residents in Kigali Sector, Nyarugenge District can now smile as they are now allowed to operate different activities on their land, a long time waiting for Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) to pay but failed unfortunately.

Now, the district told them to continue to do their activities in their respective lands properties, while others are allowed to repair their houses although they claim it is too late to grant them a go ahead as a lot has already been damaged.

Since three years, residents were forbidden from doing anything on their land: houses were getting old and toilets got full, while agricultural activity were stopped. Vedaste Nsabimana, the Vice Mayor in charge of finance and economy development told Royal TV that the District gave go ahead to residents on their activities until RSSB is ready to pay.

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However, none has stopped residents from using land, as Rutubuka, Executive Secretary of Kigali sector argued to “Since they had not signed contract, they had full right on their land. None was refused to repair his house, as none came to me for a permission”.

This local leader points out speculation of smugglers, who confuse residents. He says, “ I have been in regular meeting with them, telling them to use their, as no form had been filled and signed”.

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