Kirehe: Vulnerable residents appeal to the sector authorities for their ‘disappeared’ car


Old vulnerables people from Mahama Sector, Kirehe District are appealing for the car they bought from the ‘ingoboka’ funds, but say they have no idea of either its whereabouts or the interests from it since they bought it.

They say that since 1999, their sector authorities in in charge of Vision Umurenge Programme (VUP) approached them to start and save together the money which could be used to buy a car in oder to prepare a brighter future lifestyle where each of them paid over RWF 90 000.

The elder vulnerables who were getting ingoboka funds, say the car whose ‘Fuso’ brand was then bought, costing over Rwf 11 million but said a VUP employee called Claudine who asked them the money to buy the car but are yet get anything out of tyhe car’s outputs.

One of the residents told Radio Izuba ,” we were forced to buy it because all of us were not interested in what we could get out of it. Claudine came and told us to pay the money for everyone’s part, and we paid…but unwillingly”

These people also claimed they can never see the car with their own eyes since it day it was presented to them, and when they try to know everything about it, the feedback comes in a wild response.

The other one said, ” we have nothing to rely on, we don’t even have anything at home that can help us survive,  only you can make advocacy for us because we are facing bad life conditions while we should not have lived like this”

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They say this resulted to critical life conditions that excelled to poverty because that money would have been used to buy a domestic animal that could boost their lifestyle and instead they paid the money for the car hoping to get it back together with interests in their older age when they would not be getting ingoboka funds.

They therfore call the authorities in charge to make a follow up about this car so that they get to know its whereabouts as they cannot do it for themselves because they find it risky as they get shouted at by sector authorities when they ask about the car, till they nearly get beaten up.

One of the authorities who these vulnerables accuse to be behind their money forgery is Claudine who was in charge of VUP in Mahama Sector as well as the former sector executive secretary called Karambizi.

Current Mahama Sector Executive Secretary, Adelte Hakizamungu, says the Sector knows the  issue concerning these older vulnerable families  who are grouped in a smalled cooperative called “Akabando k’abasaza”  and assured them that investigations on the suspects are being conducted.

He said,”  the justice is investigating all of those who were involved in this issue to find out clear information about the forged car and we’re waiting for the court decisions”

Ingoboka is the money provided to vulnerable  adult people who reached an old age to help them clear their everyday life needs.

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