Saturday, February 18, is expected to be a day like no other in Rwandan Fashion industry as a number of upcoming designers will be exhibiting different fashion trends made out of Kitenge prints, all made in Rwanda.

Local fashion designers and models are all eager to prove a point that products made out of Kitenge are worth credit thanks to creativity with which they are made at a highly anticipated Kitenge Dress Code Dinner which will be held at Kigali Car Free Zone.

Designers say, despite having the market for thei products abroad, they still have a challenge the kind of people who prefer to buy different fashion products abroad while they can be found in the country at a les cost.

Jane Usanase, the owner of  More than Sparrows Home Decor, says she does not understand how foreign people are more interested in locally made products than Rwandans, who have not yet understood how important Kitenge is.

” Many of our product requests come from abroad and foreign customers are increasing because they know the secret behind the quality of our products. But in  Rwanda, I don’t know if the problem of not buying our products lies in their mindeset or something else,” she said.

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“Foreign people have more faith in us than local ones do. The issue is not about how much Kitenge-made products cost, but the mindset of how proud Rwandans are of locally made products. They can’t imagine that Rwandan manufacturers can do quality products. It is disappointing to see them reject our products and import products from Dubai, China or elsewhere at higher prices than our products’ “, Usanase claims.

“So, I think this is an opportunity to prove that we do quality products at good prices that anyone can afford. we need to change the mindset that local designers are not able to make quality products and, instead, feel proud to buy locally made products, and we are not here to disappoint if quality matters,” she added.

On the side of models, Franco Kabano, the founder of Golden Models, his school of fashion since 2015, told The New Times that his models are ready to display epic performances all dressed in latest Kitenge fashion variables to prove how fit they seem to be and hopes the clothings to be exhibited during the cat walks will attract a kind of attention from the folks to boost their purchase increase immediately.

He said, “I have confidence in my models as we are prepared to showcase different Kitenge products. I have a team of 20 models who will be used in cutwalks during the dinner”

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By Eddie Nsabimana/


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