Oposition leader in Uganda Rtd Col.Dr. Kizza Besigye  aka Kifefe has made clear some of  former National Resistance Army  have  a deep tie with President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame which cannot  disappear for meaningless reasons.

In exclusive interview with Chimpreports, Dr.Besigye claims the relationship between Rwanda and Uganda will continue to remain tricky for quite a long time because of the collegial relationships with some of the people managing the two countries.

“Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda was part of our forces and many of us have collegial relationship that can’t just disappear because we are in different countries,” he said.

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Besigye, he added,Museveni has remained jealousy towards Kagame since the latter is so prosperous despite Rwanda is  younger and smaller.

In the same interview, Speaking on Museveni’s initiative to replace Gen. Kale Kayihura,he  noted that   Museveni had started seeing that Kayihura” was becoming more loyal to Rwanda” than him.

Meanwhile, Besigye accuses President Yoweri Museveni to keep on appointing people that are loyal to him rather than those that would serve as professionals in the interest of Ugandans whilst harboring impunity in favor of regime survival by using security system.

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Fred Masengesho Rugira/Bwiza.com

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