Maternity leave benefits scheme initiates its operations


Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) establishes the maternity leave benefits insurance scheme aims to compensate the female employee who is absent from employment for the purpose of pregnancy, giving birth and subsequently caring for the new born child.

This is the implementation of the law establishing and governing maternity leave benefits scheme, published in the official Gazette no special of 20/04/2016 and ministerial order relating to maternity leave benefits scheme published in Official gazette of 31/10/2016.

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RSSB statement stipulates the operation has started with this November 2016 thus the employers need to declare and remits collected contribution to the social security administration for every first fifteen days of every month.

With the new maternity leave benefits regime, mothers will no longer face the hard choice of either completing 12 weeks of leave and lose 80 % of their family’s income or to return to work after six week to keep their income.

Monthly contributions of the maternity leave benefits scheme shall be 0.6% of the employee’s gross salary. Both the employer and employee shall contribute to a tune of 0.3%.

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Rwanda social security board as custodians of the maternity leave benefits insurance will pay 6 weeks of the paid leave starting from the seventh week while compensations for the first six weeks will be met by the employer. Every employed woman who goes on maternity leave and who will have contributed for at least one month to the maternity leave benefits scheme is an aligible beneficiary of the scheme.

Maternity leave benefits scheme is a new social security scheme, whose establishment is part of government of rwanda’s commitment towards empowering Rwandan women to physically recover, care for the new born to give the best start in life and avoid maternity to become barrier to women contribution to the national development.

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