Opposotion leader Me Bernard Ntaganda threatens of committing hunger suicide at Rwanda Bar Association’s headquarters since the day he was denied to rejoin the association in order to freely continue his professional law career.Ntaganda is currently chairing one part of opposition side PS Imberakuri, which recently broke into two parts.

In his released statement, Me Ntaganda explained that he is doing this days after he applied for rejoining the bar association after being released from prison in 2014, but his application could not be approved by the association chairman Me Julien Kavaruga.

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Me Ntaganda insists the rules governing the association give him the right to make a fresh start of his career as a lawyer after being released from prison.

However, the bar association chairman may have asked Me Ntaganda to submit his criminal record certificate before being allowed to rejoin the association, while Me Ntaganda said that this certificate is required to those who are not lawyers yet, whereas he already is a lawyer since 2006.

The statement also states that Me Ntaganda accuses Me Kavaruganda of being used by the reigning political party, RPF-Inkotanyi, saying that he can’t understand how he can be banned to rejoin the association because he faced legal charges corresponding a four-year prison sentence while other lawyers who were suspended with him from the profession in 2011 were allowed to rejoin the association.

On July 07th, 2011, 112 lawyers, including Me Bernard Ntaganda, were suspended from Rwanda Bar Association due to having financial contribution arrears in the association.

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