Meet Dr. Frank Habineza, Founder and Chairman of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda


Dr. Frank Habineza is a Rwandan Politician, Founder and Chairman of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) which was officially registered on 9th August 2013. He was born in Mityana,Uganda on February 22nd, 1977.

He hold a Bachelor of Honours in Public Administration from National University of Rwanda in 2005 and  Masters degree of Science in Politics and War Studies, specialisation: War studies from Swedish Defence University in 20i7. He also acquired an honorary doctorate of humanities due to his work in democracy and human rights from Bethel College-Indiana-USA.

Further, Dr.Frank Habineza is an environmentalist, human rights, democracy and defence/security expert.He has been a Presidential Candidate in the 2017 Rwanda elections on behalf of the opposition party, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda  (DGPR).He also chaired a coalition of political parties, from different 30 countries since 2010, under the umbrella organisation: African Greens Federation which is based in Burkina Faso.

He is well known for his pioneer idea of starting a student association campaigning for environment protection, known as Rwanda Wildlife Clubs in 1999. He also served as a personal assistant to the Minister of Lands, Environment, Water, Forestry and Mines in 2005.

Moreover, Frank was also the official correspondent of Rwanda Newsline, UMUSESO Newspapers at University and a worker for the  Rwanda Herald Newspaper.

As far as environment is concerned, he coordinated the Nile Basin Discourse Forum in Rwanda which is composed of over 50 NGOs from 2006-2009.

He also served as the President of the Rwanda NGOs Forum on Water, Sanitation and Environment-RWASEF, a Board member of African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation.

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