Meet only one of the three female moto-tax drivers in Rwanda


Mukeshimana Vestine, is one of the female moto-tax drivers in Kigali City, Rwanda, a profesion locally known for male individuals.

The middle aged woman with four children told, Igihe, the local website that she relies on the profession to feed family for ten years.

According to Mukeshimana, there was no alternative to feed her children after the death of her husband.

“ I started liking the professio while I was working at fuel station. I learnt how to drive a motocyle and everyone were interested in teaching me for I was a woman.” She told the local website

She said, however, the problem is that she has not yet managed to buy own motocycle for a decade.

“ I use all amount of money I get to pay school fees for my siblings , taking care of my mother, paying rent among others.” She observed

Mukeshimana is one of the three female moto- tax drivers across Rwanda while male are about thirty thousands.






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