Rwandan citizens are more and more addicted to Football and religious activities. According to Dr Felix Ndahinda, University lecturer, men spend time on watching football matches, while women spend theirs in churches.

Dr Ndahinda adds that men go to stadiums, watch TVs and only listen to sport production from radios. “they discuss about goals, and often play betting; where some got enough money, others loose”. However, it his his own observation, no scientific research,  a news of

Back to women, their free time is allocated to church activities, like prayers and choirs.  This happen even during working days.They also take much time to clean their body: hair dressing, cosmetics, manicure&pedicure; and some think of food market.

Church industry is developing

While justifying how churches have influence over Rwandans, he points out many churches in all localities. “Passing every where, you hear speakers preaching Lord’s power, and calling people to leave sins to work for heaven”.On many radios, pastors are always preaching.

This is a fact that people in Rwanda spend much time in prayers, in churches and homes as well. However, Dr Ndahinda kows importance of prayers over Rwandan lives: God is involved every where, in ceremonies, greetings, proverbs, dialogues and speeches.

Talking of God, but denying him in acts

According to Dr Ndahinda, the number of God followers should go with changes in society, but the case is different in Rwanda. “After church, songs and prayers, scandles follow”.

He says “ conviviality with God, is only observed from presence in church, singing ad paying offering(including 1/10). This is what they take as a passport to heaven gates”.

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New churches leaders live in conflicts, based on leadership, funds management and other advantages; this is controversial.  They also fight for promoting their tittles: Reverends, Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Daddy, etc. They run for personal interests rather than for God.They work as companies of Jesus, “JC Inc.”(Jesus Christ Incorporated). This is however no a particularity of Rwanda, even in USA and Nigeria, it is like a business.

Besides, Pope Francis has recently rejected this kind of live, qualifying it as “scandle, double life”.

Football is a new church over rwandans

Dr Ndahinda says Football is becoming a new church after christianism. Weekend days are reserved to football, when there is no wedding, funerals or mourning ends. Otherwise, football is a new boss in minds of people.

English Premier League has many fans in Rwanda, in urban and rural areas. Teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. They know players, but ignore 30 districts of Rwanda.When one of the teams is beaten, it is a mourning for some, they loose moral and appetite. Dr Ndahinda suggests Rwandans spend more time in other activities like reading books, to get much knowledge and happiness.

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