Ministry of local governance (Minaloc) urged people with disabilities, on the celebration of international day of people with disabilities, to give up begging as many government projects and private sectors are there to improve their welfare.

The third December of every year, the world celebrates international Day of Persons with disabilities (IDPD); the international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992.

The Minister for local governance, Francis kaboneka, said while celebrating ICPD on 3rd December at Rwamagana district; that people with disabilities have to preserve their dignity as other citizens and those addicted to begging have to give up.

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“It seems that we still encounter people with disabilities who are accustomed to be beggars around. I would like to call on those people (People with disabilities) together with their leaders to collaborate with other institutions to sensitise disabled people who mistakenly think that to live with disabilities meaning to lose dignity. Begging is not a good custom.” Min Kaboneka urged.

NCPD president, Niyomugabo Romalis admits that disabled people still involve in begging

In spite of special government supports towards people with disabilities, some disabled people complain that they never received any support reserved for them, and their begging intentions surge while other prefer begging to feed their families.

Akimana who lives in Rwamagana district, admits that she is surviving together with her four children under begging since she did not get any support from the government or private institutions.

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“I do not have arms and I am really poor, nothing to help me then they denounce begging. I have never received any support but my life and of my children depend on begging, since i give up begging how will I survive?” Akimana states his difficulties.

The aims of this celebration are to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for dignity, rights and well-being of people with disabilities. The theme of 2016 is “Achieving 17 goals by promoting employment for all we want”.

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