More trouble: Gen. Kale Kayihura under probe for illegal process land deal


President Museveni has stopped the purchase of  police  land bargained by Former Uganda Police Chief, the detained Gen Kale Kayihura claiming it was overvalued and that police never contacted authorities concerned for rightful channels.

Spyreports broke the story President Museveni has already established a team of investigators to make for him a comprehensive report about how the land was purchased  by Kayihura regime and submit to him in not later than a month.

The team has since established that the land was bought without following rightful channels.

According to the reliable sources officers who are under probe are Gen Kale Kayihura, Col Ndawula Atwooki who acted a go between, the former Director in charge of crime Intelligence, Amos Ngabirano who is in exile and other three police directors.

Police sources added that after Ndawula brought the deal, Gen Kayihura is implicated to have invited  his blue eyed police officers who included exiled Amos Ngabirano the former Director in- charge of ICT and two other Police directors whose particulars cannot be revealed now for a discussion.

Fred Masengesho Rugira/

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