More worries as armed men from Burundi attack Southern Rwanda again


The Rwanda National Police confirms Monday that a group of armed men form Burundi  through Nyungwe  entered Rwanda last night on a mission to loot and commit other crimes from Burundi.

The armed criminals intruded in Nyaruguru district, Nyabimata sector in a village called Cyamuzi of Ruhinga cell at 11.30PM, says the police in a statement.

“The criminals looted citizen’s belonging including livestock and food products and fired bullets in the air to scare the community,” reads the statement

“They kidnapped some residents of the area and ordered them to carry what they had looted and only released them after the intervention of the security officers.” It adds

Police further note that “those criminals attacked from Burundi passing through the Nyungwe forest and returned from this same route.”

This happens in less than two weeks after a similar attack took place in the same district.

On June 19 in wee hours, armed men attacked the village of Mwegere, Nyabimata sector in Nyaruguru district. They injured the executive secretary of Nyabimata sector, put on fire his car and a motorcycle and kill two while injuring six people.

Fred Masengesho Rugira/

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