Muhanga: Embezzlement of capitation grant, about 3 million on ghost students


According to the audit report from Muhanga district on School capitation grant, where the sum of 173 million cannot be justified, while 2,993,132rwfs were spent on ghost students from only three schools.

An audit carried out in June and July this year, revealed some of the schools are mismanaging funds.

The situation becomes worst in schools like GS Munyinya, GS Nyarusange and GS Saint Etienne. At these schools a number of students that was reported by audit team differ from the number of students that was reported by the school leaders.

In this report, a sum of 173 million was used but there is not paper to justify it or it was withdrawn on a certain purpose that is due to what could be done.

Schools of TTC Muhanga, ES Bulinga , ES Nyakabanda and GS Saint Etienne stay in critical management.

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In ES Nyakabanda for instance, they paid to a typist whereas the typing machine is not working and the school has a secretary who uses a computer.

The same school paid ghost teachers: the missing teachers were not reported, but were always paid along a period of three months, while they were not at work.

About wrong public tenders, they express a need of training about the process, but ghost students are there because they drop out and remain on the list. When they come back, they’re registered again

The auditor of the district recommended them to bring back his money on the district account, before the final report is done in two weeks.

Béatrice Uwamariya, the Mayor of Muhanga district, Uwamariya requests the school leaders to evaluate themselves and give report about the ghost students and how the capitation grant was used. She advises them to keep written records to justify the use of public funds.

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Zacharia Murekezi

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