Police in Muhanga has arrested a medical assistant with a forged driving licence. Jean Rusimbukayejo, 50years old, was caught Sunday, in Gitarama Cell, Nyamabuye Sector while operations of police go on to crackdown on people holding or forging road traffic-related documents.

The spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety department, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, said that “the arrest of Rusimbukayejo and many others so far facing varied jail terms, should signal what awaits anyone that still distributes or uses such forged documents.”

“We have since identified the person who sold this forged license to Rusimbukayejo at Rwf300, 000, and efforts are still underway to trace his whereabouts to face justice,” said CIP Kabanda.

“For the time being, we have been carrying out investigations through which to break separate groups involved in forging and selling driver’s permit, with some pseudo police agents,” he said.

Between November and December last year, police busted five separate groups involving 16 suspects, arrested red-handed with their equipment, and many forged permits in different names.

Between 2014 and 2015, more than one hundred drivers and motorcyclists were also arrested with forged driver’s license.

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“Based on investigations and information from arrested people, we have compiled a list of drivers and riders suspected counterfeit documents. Some of these people have voluntarily adopted the given up, which is the only advisable option of giving up, those who have not will be arrested,” Kabanda warned.

He clarified that traffic and road safety department has no brokers, people who work as brokers are fraudsters, should be reported to police so that they are arrested.

“Besides, acquiring a driver’s license is an individual process; it is done by the applicant himself or herself, right from registration to the time of collecting your permit.”

Meanwhile, CIP Kabanda also said that the introduction of the hi-tech Hand-Held Terminal (HHT) will also ease the process of identifying forged driver’s license.

The device scans the driver’s license at the back and automatically synchronise the driver’s details as recorded in the National Identification Agency (NIDA) to get authentic information. A mismatch, according to Kabanda, means forgery.

“Some people want short cut of getting driver’s license, they are duped by such unscrupulous individuals claiming  working with Traffic Police; both  the holder of forged document and the forger are suspected criminals.”

Under article 609 of the Penal Code, any person who forges or alters documents is liable to a term of imprisonment ranging from five to seven years and a fine of Rwf300,000 to Rwf3 million. The same penalty applies to anyone, who knowingly uses a counterfeit document.

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