Fire has on Sunday attacked a house in Muhima, leaving two children dead while their parents, wife and husband, have been injured.

The scenes happened around 10 a.m at Poids Lourd road in Nyabugogo Cell Muhima Sector, near the Islamic mosque, when fire attacked the house of a marginalized husband and his family.

The family neighbors said that the husband’s house was a house shop and a living house at the same time as he was selling a variety of items including oil products which are thought to have caused the fire incident.

The house was attacked by the fire and was extremely damaged due to the gasoline around, seeing the couple’s children being attacked the fire until they failed to resist it danger and died due to air shortage. The police firefighter came to the children’s rescue in vain.

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Among the children killed by the violent fire, one was a Primary 6 student while another died at only two years of age, the third and last born was not around when the incident happened and survived as a result. Their parents were attacked by the fire and wounded on their shoulders.

The fire incident follows two more which happened in not more than the last two which also happened in Muhima. The previous ones include one which last burned 8 shops in Kabeza Cell, the cell’s offices as well as the tyre store whose electrical cables are believed to have caused the fire incident.

Another incident happened at CHIC Complex where two street children were burned by gasoline fire caused by night security people.

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