Musanze: Workers paid after nights at District office


Formers workers and various creditors of a Cement plant decided spending days and nights at district office to claim for arrears.  A four years period happens, while citizens of Musanze are claiming towards Great Lakes Cement (GLC), who employed them without any payment. They also include land owners who never been paid for expropriation, until the plant changes bosses.


They are more than 100 people, gathering in the garden of Musanze district. The whole amount is about 18millions Frws, since the plant was planned, built and operated. Some of these creditors are living miserably due to this lasting non-payment. One lady says, “I worked for the plant and left because of much arrears. I deserve more than 50.000 Frws. Nowadays, I’m washing dishes for people, while I should be using the money”.

An old man, who land is locating the plant, cries of his kids not attending school, no medical insurance, all is chaos at his, due to this debt”.

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On behalf of the debtors -nowadays former owner-, the plant was sold. “As the plant was not working well, with a huge loan to pay, I decided to sell my 70% shares. In agreement with the new owner, he kept all arrears, he is the one to deal with these people”, says Jean Baptiste Nemeyabahizi, former manager and creditors according to contracts.

When people took measure to stay at district office, authorities called upon Nemeye. He gave the current version of the case, in which BRD is involved as a shareholder, and GLH (Great Lakes Holding) as a purchaser of Nemeye shares. However, Augustin Ndabereye insisted on the contract with workers, and begs to solve the problem, and maybe claim later. The Mayor promises to mediate Nemeye with new holders, so that the sold is repaid.

On this Tuesday Feb 14 around 7.30 PM, the storm is over, the payment starts at the same district office by Nemeye. People are smiling and thank the district officials for advocacy.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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