Muyira: Farmers rise up claims after uragangazi cassava plant collapsed


Urugangazi that was a minor cassava processing plant implanted in Muyira sector of Nyanza district has collapsed. Farmers are claiming their contribution back. Their cooperative’s members deserted from 216 to 63 persons, while everyone had paid 25,000 rwfs.

More than three thousand residents of Migina and Nyundo cells in Muyira sector in Nyanza district are filing claims after the urugangazi cassava plant, for which their authorities have asked them to contribute for its construction, stopped working, three years ago. This factory was managed by the local cooperative known as Urugagangazi.

The members of this cooperative gave each 25,000 Rwandan francs to start this local factory, which would add value to their cassava production. And afterwards, everyone regularly gave three hundred francs a month. But alas, this factory closed its doors without the knowledge of any of its members.

This problem was raised during an exchange meeting that brought together the population and their leaders led by the journalists of the peace activist organization PAXPRESS.

Elina Mukankusi, is one of the members of the Urugangazi cooperative who saw their factory close without warning. “We were surprised by the sudden closure of our factory and without any information related to it given to the members of the cooperative while for its construction we gave each 25000 Rwandan francs and we were regularly giving 300 Rwandan francs”, she said.

As for Jeannette Akingeneye, she says: “What struck us so much is the fact that the plant suddenly closed the doors before it had finished paying for certain deliveries of cassava. We wonder how we will be paid as it is said that its director has been reported missing.”

The leaders give advice to the population.

Local authorities are asking people to remain vigilant about managing their money in cooperatives and not turning a blind eye to the hijackers. The current leader of Urugangazi Cooperative, Munana Jean Marie Vianney says his predecessor has disappeared.

The Mayor of Nyanza District, Ntazinda Erasme, asks people not to wait when they see that a leader is no longer on the right road. “We did not know that, it’s now that we’re learning the news. I reiterate my appeal to the people, members of the cooperatives. Do not wait until the situation is worse to denounce it. React in time so that we can rescue you in time, too, “he said.

Ntazinda advised the population to react in time when they notice mismanagement because if they do not, the bad manager can abscond to be arrested without having this money hijacked yet.

He added that, although cooperatives have special structures, no one can do bad things and think that the state will do nothing.

The sector of Muyira is located in Nyanza district in the region called “Amayaga”, very fertile region and favorable to the cultivation of cassava and banana plantations.

Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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