Mwenedata slams NEC’s accusations on president candidate aspirants’ way of signature collections


Gilbert Mwenedata, one of the president candidate aspirants ahead of the upcoming presidential elections slated for August, has been heard slamming the National Electoral Commission’s accusations over unethical signature search in the communities from different parts of the country paying each one who signs for him so that he can be allowed to contest for the presidency berth.

Mwenedata told Voice of America that, “ I am still feeling the confidence which many Rwandans also show me, that they can vote me to improve their welfare in terms of economic progress of theirs and of the country in general.

Asked the ‘many’ Rwandans’ he was talking about in numbers, he said there so many in different parts of the country and insists there are more who are around to support him, besides the 600 people required by NEC

The journalist reminded him that he was saying the same that he had a lot of people supporting him when he last contested for a deputy place in the Parliament’s chamber of Deputies four years ago but ended up scoring only 0.4 per cent and cast doubt over future results as well.

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But Mwenedata said no need for reviewing the zero result from the last four years because Rwandans are aware all about that zero and said, “ when you say Zero, one’s lone choice is to completely laugh of it because Rwandans are aware of that zero. I feel like I have no time to waste on it talking too much about it. But, frankly speaking, I don’t know anything about the zero you are saying”

Asked why he failed during the last elections, he said he successfully held his elections campaign and Rwandans did their job, and feel the rest should be asked responsible institutions.

About reports on attempts of paying people so that they sign for a candidate aspirant to complete the number of signatures that could allow him bid for presidential contest, Mwenedata said he has never done it, either before or at the moment.

And when asked his feeling about the fact that private candidate aspirants are required to search signatures in the communities, he said they should be given space and considered like people who want to contribute to the country’s development because they are capable of doing it while he also feels they should be given credit instead of taking them in the image of people of bad behavior.

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