The population of Nkombo sector, in Rusizi  District make a long travel shopping areas. In this island of Kivu lake, its population is facing with the lack of the market around; they have to go to Kamembe, distance of four hours from their homes. Israel Samuel, a citizen of this sector, in Nkumbira village, Bugarura Cell, in the interview with news letter confirmed that the populations face this problem. He said, ” We lack of the market near our living places. And what we want is to get instead of buying things like soaps, clothes in Kamembe market”. He adds that “if you do not go to Kamembe you do not eat. We do a long travel because at our village we have a small market called Nkunganire”. And Stephanie Nyabyenda of Gisunyu village in Bigoga cell added: “What they are saying are true, we make about four hours from Nkombo to Kamembe for shopping.” [xyz-ihs snippet=”google-pub”] Rwango Jean de Dieu, the Executive Secretary of Nkombo Sector confirms that, “This Sector really needs the common market to facilitate the population”. He said, “We are proud of our development in our sector but we cannot say we are developed sustainably because we are not able to access to finance easily. That means that we have to find where to sell our items and to easily purchase others we need. That’s the way in our Sector we need the market” However, they’ve advocated to the district, Rwango says, “We proposed to the district to start this project. The district is ready to help us. Preliminary activities start in one or two months because the district has already agreed.” Apart from market, this sector lack also banks, RRA branches, petrol station, good roads, etc. click here to receive the updated news on facebook on twitte Zacharia Murekezi  


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