North Governor challenges Muslim youth on crime prevention


The Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Claude Musabyimana has called upon the Muslim youth to actively be part of the community policing mechanisms.

He also urged them to stay focused to their education and other development activities, and give a deaf ear to those that would want to involve or recruit them in criminal activities.

The Governor made the call on January 3 while closing a one-week seminar of over 300 Muslim youth, held in Musanze District.

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The meeting that also highlighted the role of the youth in fighting radicalisation and extremism ideologies was also attended by the Mufti, Sheikh Salim Hitimana, Supt. Faustin Kalimba, Musanze District Police Commander, CIP Jean Claude Kabandana and the district mayor, Jean Damascene Habyarimana.

“Where the police or other security organs can’t physically be, you are there as their eye and ear, and that what neighbourhood watch and community policing in general means and that’s what you equally stand for,” the Governor said

He urged them to strive to identify what is likely to cause insecurity and share timely information so that the incidences are prevented rather than dealing with consequences.

Mufti Hitimana said that “Islam is not killing others.”

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“Those involved in such acts, usually, are as a result of ignorance. In our daily teachings, we explain what radicalism, extremism, terrorism and other dangerous ideas are. We also speak about tolerance… and Islam’s true ideas,” the Mufti said.

Supt. Kalimba, in his part, said: “No one should convince you to do evil against your country. There are some negative propagandists who misuse social media in spreading their extremism ideologies, you need to keep away from those people and whenever you encounter them you report them to the authorities.”

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