Nyamasheke: 145 adult people awarded literacy certificates


While the world celebrates literacy on September 8th, Nyamasheke district made it happen on 21st September in Mahembe sector, where 145 participants have been awarded certificates in numeracy and literacy.

As stated by the Executive Secretary of Mahembe sector, Leopold Ngendahimana: “In this sector, we have 44 literacy and numeracy centre with 551 candidates and 66 facilitators. The candidates are supposed to be 228 but 145 have succeeded while 83 have failed and they are proposed to redo the program. For this, certificates are awarded to 145 who succeed.”

Candidates were awarded accordingly:

Those with between 84-96% are awarded radios, candidates with 78 to 83 %is given hoes, from 70 to 77% are given Jerry cans and ones from 60 to 70 are given Bible to help them in daily reading.

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Verdianna Niyonkuru who has 3 children, is one of the candidates, she says, “The radio will help to follow daily news in different domains. I am going to buy a mobile phone to help me to improve my social well being. As far as am concerned, it is better to know the name of somebody who calls me and to whom I am going to call. I suppose also to deal with financial institutions for loans in order to start by business with income activities.’’

In of period of 6 years of this program over 5,000 people have been trained and this is calculated according to beneficiaries’ witnesses that it was a struggle against illiteracy.’’

Claudette Mukamana, the Vice Mayor of social affairs of Nyamasheke district, adds that last year at least 5,761 people were trained and this year 3,820 people started in these centers.

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Zacharia Murekezi

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