Nyamasheke: A visual impaired woman is highly talented in sewing


Penina Niyobyose, 28, a member Rwanda Union of Blind says she manages to get 50,000frw per week after doing sewing training especially pullovers at Gisenyi, while some people still have myth that having visual disability is the end of getting source of income. Contrary, this one is intending to further so as to help her siblings.

Penina Niyobyose, was born in Bushenge Sector,Nyamasheke District Westen Rwanda. She was born with visual disability, a fact she believed it could challenge her according to what people surrounding her used to argue.

Fortunately, Penina was among people who got chance to attend a secondary school for vision disability in Huye District, South of the country during six years.

Inadvertently, Niyobyose experienced how smart was the pullover that her colleague was wearing, an incident which pushed her to ask where that pullover was made from. She later told that it is from the school established in Rubavu District, North-West of Rwanda to teach people with vision disability.

“I touched her pullover and I told her that it was nice then she later told me that she made it herself, I got curiosity, later she lead me to the school at Gisenyi”Penina says

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The beginning was tough

Niyobyose did five month training, then she started working for others and later bought her own sewing machine.

I used to get 5,000frw when I was not familiar with sewing but nowadays I am getting 50,000frw per week” Penina said

Niyobyose continues saying that she gets five customers a week who buy five pullovers for 10,000frw.

Niyobyose intend to help her siblings with their studies until university and she also want to build her own house accompanied by tailoring room for her daily work.

How does she manage to know a pullover is done?

Niyobyose explains that she counts the rounds for ten times and she sometimes consults other people with no vision disability to check how many rounds she has already done until the pullover is over.

Apart from buying own sewing machine, Penina has bought a cow worth 200,000frw and all other needs from her daily work. She advises other people to work hard so as to achieve more in their daily lives despite the fact that they are poor or live with disability.

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