Parents in Nyamasheke district request authorities to deal with the problem of children drop out, as the situation is influenced by the butcheries of pigs who involve children this activity of killing pigs.

Parents in this district confirmed that if a child is accused of not going to school; h parents also are punished, some are arrested and forced to pay fine of 2,000rwf.

One of the parents in Bushenge Sector said “ We request to the local leaders to punish the butchers of pigs, because they are the ones who make our children to  abandon  school by helping them in killing pigs. After they abandon the school their parent are punished.”  They added that the problem of drop out among children can end if the local authority use other strategies to punish these butchers because it one of the causes of school dropout.

Another parent added that “When the local leaders find this child in drop out case, we as parents are condemned to pay fine and requested to explain the cause. Sometimes, that child is caught at the place where they sell those pigs. So what we need from the local leaders is to punish them.

The Mayor of Nyamasheke; Kamali Aime Fabien, confirm that if a child is caught in a dropout situation, his/her parents are also invited to explain the case and the cause of the situation.

He explains “At the first time, parents are condemned to explain the cause that trains his children to abandon the school.”  He warns that whoever helps a child to leave the school will be condemned as a solution to the problem of dropout.

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Zacharia Murekezi


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