Nyanza: Sector accountant cries foul over illegal arrest


Pascal Masabo , accountant of Cyabakamyi Sector in Nyanza District , is held Police few days after reporting his insecurity, as a group of unidentified persons attacked him on his way home during the night.

His arrest followed back to back claims from Masabo who wanted the police to investigate on the DASSO (District   Administration Security Service Organ) officers who recently attacked him but he managed to escape from them.

He told that, “I am a public servant and I usually have no problem with anybody in the staff. On my way home, a motorcycle ridden by a DASSO Officer came by and followed me wherever I was going, I thought they were on dangerous mission and I thought of running away to save my life. I quickly reported to police but I’m surprised to be arrested instead,”

During that situation, Masabo did not go home and stayed away overnight. The next day, he reported his case to all levels (from Province down to Sector) to investigate on it. He was then invited by the District Mayor to share more information about his problem.

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Some of the District staff told that Masabo did not meet the Mayor. “He was arrested by Police, before meeting the Mayor”.

Nonetheless, Erasme Ntazinda, the District Mayor says Masabo’s arrest came after he “has long been linked with swindling”, while his this case was not known by Police.

CIP André HAKIZIMANA, the Police spokesperson in Southern Province, said he was not aware, and so admitting mistakes have been committed in that wrong way, according to the laws governing Rwanda National Police.  Hakizimana promised that the “law will be applied to anyone involved in such an illegal arrest”.

Marie Rose Mureshyankwano, the Southern Province Governor, qualifies the incident as a “scandal” to a public servant who works for a recognized public institution and slams such kind of arrest. “They would arrest him in known legal processes”, she claims.

Some District and sector staff revealed that there are some local leaders behind Masabo’s case, for their personal interests. These staff claim for in-depth investigations to find out a hidden agenda of these leaders, who are said to “have attempted fake statements linking Masabo with forgery”, but in vain.

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