Trying to explain what an orgasm feels like is tricky. While we can all agree it feels absolutely amazing and it’s something we would, ideally, like to feel on repeat forever, finding the actual words to describe the specific, detailed feeling of an orgasm leaves many of us, if not most of us, speechless.

Then there’s always the big question: Does it feel the same for everyone? Men and women alike? Well, considering women have twice as many nerves in their clitoris than men have in the head of their penis, it’s safe to assume that women are the ones really scoring big on the orgasm front. Women express their feeling about, and try to make comparison.

“It feels like something building up and up and up until it all releases at once.”

Jess, 26: “A really good one starts at the bottoms of my feet and feels hot and tingly, then creeps up my legs and swells till there’s a little explosion.”

Trouble, 23: “It depends — when I’m alone and using my preferred strong vibrator, it’s like lightning up my spine and in my stomach. When I’ve edged myself for hours, it’s like all of my muscles getting warm and full at once. When I’m orgasming with my partner inside me, it’s like the edging orgasm, but deeper, and more concentrated low in my body.”

My head was spinning, my body was shaking uncontrollably. It was like a volcanic eruption

Sam, 33: “It varies. Can be anywhere between: “Ah, that was nice, shall we get some ice cream?” and: “Ultra-sensitive, spastic twitching, uncontrollable pleasure.” It’s a wonderful mental game.”

Maplechaser, 28: “It feels like the inside of my vagina is fluttering its wings. Like a f***ing butterfly.”

S, 21: “like warm water slowly spreading from my clit outward”

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They manage to compare from experience

Like a sneeze:

A sneeze stuck in your nose, “It’s hard to describe, but if pressed to do so I guess I’d have to say like you know when you have to sneeze, and no matter what you do it just stays at the end of your nose like all f*cking day, and then when you least expect it, you finally sneeze and it’s like every fiber of your body feels amazing? It’s like that. But in the vagina.”

“A gradual building of enjoyable tension and then a quick release with a little jolt of pleasure. The best analogy is a good sneeze, the kind that goes aah-aah-AAH-AAH-CHOO, but with a longer buildup and usually more pleasure and a bit more duration on the release.

Sometimes, at first, a girl’s orgasm can be so small she’s not sure if it was a real one. But gradually your body gets better at doing the build-up longer and further, holding off the release so it’s stronger.”

Sneezing is a really popular comparison, “It feels like a sneeze to me. A growing sensation that is like ahhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh with tiny shocks going down my legs, with the orgasm itself being the CHOOOOOOO. My clit throbs two, three times and it feels like it is trying to turn itself inside out. Then, immediately following the throb is a small gush or two, maybe a teaspoon or two at the most. Then, so sensitive I can’t touch there. Then just subsiding relief. And… sleep, if possible.”

A boiling pot of water.“[It feels] like a rolling boil on the stove. Starts slow, there might be some loud noises that you confuse for the real thing, but once it starts boiling over, there’s no stopping it, and no question about what’s happening.”

A free fall. “[It feels] like your vagina is being tossed off a cliff and free falls for a second before landing on a really bouncy trampoline!”

A prize. “It’s a release, but like the best release in the world. Part of the fun is the build up right beforehand; you know it’s coming and want to reach that phenomenal ending, but you also want to drag it out and sort of tease yourself because even the build up feels good. Then finally you just can’t take it anymore so you come … and every ounce of your body feels numb and alive.

“Things are shaking, your heart’s racing, and I don’t know about everyone else, but my legs shake so hard that all I can do is laugh. It’s like I won a really great prize and all I can do is smile and be weirdly proud.”

A skydive.
“For me, the build up feels like I’m on the edge of the world ready to skydive and my heart is pounding, because I’m not sure what’s next (you know, because sometimes you can lose your orgasm before it hits), but then it hits and the explosion just forces me to fall and feel weightless.

Like it doesn’t matter what bad news comes my way because I know there’s just perfectly temperate water below so don’t have a care in the world.”

And here’s a rather weird comparison… “I think like when you a get a mosquito bite and you scratch it and you get that oooooooooooooh my god feeling. Like that but more central to your genitals”

 It’s different for everyone “Like every muscle in my body is being squeezed. I don’t get the ‘waves of pleasure’ thing everyone talks about.”

Good to know “Aside from them being slightly longer on average than a male climax, I haven’t found any reason to believe that a clitoral orgasm is much different from a penile one (aside from the fact that most of us don’t ejaculate when we cum). Descriptions of vaginal and prostate orgasms sound pretty similar too, and scientists have actually recorded almost identical sets of pelvic muscle spasms in males and females.”

Some orgasms last longer than others “It begins like an throbbing sensation in my clitoris. Then it grows into an almost burning/tingling sensation that spreads out in waves across my pelvis. It can last anywhere from a few seconds to almost a minute or two. Many women have different experiences but that is the closest I can describe to what I feel.”

For this woman it’s just “ammmmaazzziinnnng” “Like an itch you can’t scratch thats almost unbearable and when it’s there it feels ammmmaazzziinnnng.”

It makes sense “To me, it feels like a vibration from one of those massage chairs. Obviously, in a different region times a thousand in intensity.”

It’s like a “wave”  “I heard it was like a rush, then like a wave…… like a rushing wave”

This is a nice, simple explanation “Lots of shivers and twitches!”

Now that sounds like a great orgasm “Like being wasted and eating a really f***ing good burrito”

This woman likens it to a tsunami  “The surfing analogy is pretty accurate. I always call it the ‘tsunami’ because it gets bigger and bigger until it carries you away.”

Well there you have it, the female orgasm is a complex, yet wonderful thing. Personally, I think it’s made even more special off the back of being slightly different for everyone. I mean, who wants to cum in the same way as everyone else?

This woman describes the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms for her 

“Clitoral: kind of like holding your breath and beginning to pass out. Your body clenches up, you feel momentarily out of control, and then you take that glorious staggering breath of relief.

Vaginal: intense, powerful, and fulfilling. During vaginal stimulation, for me, it feels like there’s an aching void that needs to be filled. Every stroke adds to the desire, and I start to feel ripples of sensation quake through me until finally a thunderous applause erupts from within. It’s glorious.”

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