Our countries will always be neighbors and as leaders we are just passing by, says President Tshisekedi


DRC President Felix Tshisekedi urges African counterparts to embrace neighborhood, keeping in mind that the country will remain while they are even gone.

Tshisekedi made remarks yesterday during the Africa CEO Forum hosted in Rwanda.

“Our countries will always be neighbours and as leaders we are just passing by. These wars are just a waste of the time we could have used for better things, he said

“Armed groups in DRC are petty interest groups without an ideology but have become more like business people in a negative way.We are working hard with development partners to reintegrate them and discourage them from pursuing these activities.” Tshisekedi noted

President Tshisekedi was with counterpart Kagame who said he is willing to work to improve bilateral relations with his neighbour.

“My problems in Rwanda end up being the problems of people in DRC and vice versa. We have to address these challenges,” said Kagame.

“Tshisekedi has made commitments to the people of DRC and the people of the region. We must believe him and extend our hand of cooperation, as he does with us, and see how far we can go,” he added

Tshisekedi. Without revealing details of each party, said he had held talks with both Kagame and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni over political tensions between the two countries.

DR Congo has been a hub to numerous armed groups in its eastern part including Rwandan rebels opposed to Kigali government which have in the past carried out cross-border attacks on Rwandan forces.

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