The members of Salvation movement are in trouble to miss the founder, Diane Rwigara who in custody while police spokesman denied information but said she was under investigation. “Diane Rwigara is not in Custody, she is under investigation”.

The foundation of Rwigara, PSM  rises up his hands and request her provisional release as she has been arrested by the police “ We really need her to be released from the custody as soon as possible ” orders Raymond Kayitare, in charge of Communications at PSM, in the press release of August 31st, on facebook.

The foundation of Diane Rwigara explains that, Diane has founded PSM to a network to express their views while the government is at her opposite side.

RESS RELEASE – 31-08-2017


Fellow Rwandans, we have spent 23 years under an authoritarian regime led by the Rwandan Patriotic Front, where Rwandans have been jailed, forced in exile, and killed simply for expressing their views against the regime in place. The authoritarianism and coercive nature of the regime has been well documented by reputable organisations including Human Right Watch and US State Department.

NEC has led Diane Rwigara to take an unprecedent steps to stand up a candidate for 2017 presidential elections. Her motives were to bring changes that most of the Rwandans desperately needed. Those changes include:

  • Respect of Rwandans fundamental freedom and Liberties.
  • Eradicate injustice and authoritarianism.
  • Provide to Rwandans an open and peaceful space to provide for their families.
  • To reinstate the rule of law.
  • To establish the political and economic space.
  • To adopt sound policies aimed to eradicate poverty and increase Rwandans living standards.

However, it was impossible for Diane Rwigara to stand up for presidential elections as result of being discredited unjustly by the Rwandan Election Commission.

As result, Diane Rwigara jointly with other youth striving for changes, created People Salvation Movement (Itabaza), which is a platform aimed to educate Rwandans to stand up for their rights, to awaken their civic rights, to fight fear, oppression and to encourage Rwandans to hold their government accountable. This platform is a place close to Diane heart to express her ideas and ideals.

The great Mandela once said, I quote “I have cherished the ideal of a democratic free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an Ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”

We are urging the Rwandan Government to release Diane Rwigara, immediately and unconditionally.

Raymond Kayitare Media and communication assistant



Tweeter: @ShimaRwigara


While the spokesman of the foundation confirmed that Diane Rwigara is in Custody, the Rwandan police ACP Theos Badege, denied this information and conformed that Diane Rwigara is not in custody but she was going on with preliminary investigations of two charges.

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One of forgery documents which concerns Diane personally, and another of taxes payment which concerns her family business. The true information was given by her brother Aristide Rwigara who is in America on Tuesday. Aristide confirmed that Diane Rwigara, members of her family and their mother were in custody.

Tabita Gwiza, Diane’s aunt, also told VOA that many policemen came to Rwigara’s Tuesday morning. They put the family at the spot, while Diane was at her office. Policimen went to her office and brought her back home in her own car.

According to Tabita, policemen went through the whole house, picked everything even money.

After disqualification by NEC, alleging her of using fake signatures, Diane Rwigara announced on July 21st the closure of the factory of Rwigass Tobacco Company located in the industrial park of Gikondo by the security services. After all, her family’s bank accounts were blocked, with 6.7 billion Rwandan francs there.

Zacharia Murekezi


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