Pastor Warren to tip Rwandans on how to deal with conflicts


American evangelist, Rick Warren, will on Tuesday next week preach at a gathering in Kigali  on how to solve conflicts.

It is expected about 2000 Rwandan leaders will grace the meeting.

The gathering will provide a platform for the leaders to interact and engage more in leadership issues and challenges faced, organisers said, and also create opportunities for learning and collaboration.

“The reason why we are doing this is that there are a lot of common skills that everyone needs to learn regardless of what your career is. For instance, everyone needs to learn how to manage their time better. Everyone needs to learn how to handle or resolve conflicts; it’s a skill that people learn and nobody learns it in a school,” he said during  a press conference

The meeting , according to organisers,will focus on character and vision in leadership, with the ultimate hope being that each leader who attends the summit will continue to embrace not only personal growth but also pursue passionately the national transformation which will in turn trickle down to the people they serve.

Pastor Warren, who started the PEACE Plan after President Kagame invited him in 2004 to join Rwanda’s journey as ‘a purpose driven nation’, believes that a great nation comprises of three pillars; namely The Church Sector (Faith), The Government Sector (Public) and The Business Sector (Private).

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