President Paul Kagame made history as a lone African president to be part of American Israel Public Affairs Committee when he attended its latest policy Conference in Washington DC on Sunday.

Speaking to the conference participants, President Kagame insisted that he is confident Rwanda’s cooperation with Israel is pretty perfect, explaining that both countries have common history they share.

He said, “My message today is clear, Rwanda and Israel are friends that nobody should bring debate on it. I want to take this opportunity and explain you the reason connected to the renaissance and reconstruction of both countries as a convincing proof of our strong cooperation”

“The current state of security of people who once suffered being target to be clean all from life, should not be considered like a usual security since all ideologies which take murder like a patriotic responsibility are not avoided. It does not cease to put the world in danger,” he added

He added that, “together with a friend like USA, we need global solidarity to neutralize negative forces denying Genocide, attempting to devalue those who were affected. Israel has right to live a developed country as a complete member”

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Kagame says working with Israel in profitable way has opened new visions, insisting that he is happy with Israel’s current cooperation with African countries, which is getting better and better.

Before addressing the conference, Kagame was unveiled as the man behind forces that have stopped Genocide against Tutsi, by later fighting for Unity and reconciliation among Rwandans and looking forward to sustainable development.

Kagame’s speech followed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s, where he said that Israel’s security is the security of the entire world.

AIPAC Policy Conference is an annual pro-Israel gathering that attracts over 18,000 community participants aiming at strengthening US-Israel relations, in ways that enhance the security of both countries.

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