People perceived to be of Rwandan origin denied Uganda IDs


People with names similar to Rwandans have been denied registration for new Identity cards by the institution in charge (Nira), Daily Monitor broke the story.

The issue was raised by Nyabushozi County MP, Col Fred Mwesigye, and Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake that Nira has stopped registering people perceived to be of Rwandan origin.

“They are carrying out some kind of corruption from new entrants who need National IDs. They are asking for money and this should be investigated,” Mr Zaake said.
His concerns were triggered by the Ruhinda County MP, Capt Donozio Kahonda, who raised the issue about the Banyarwanda.

“There is a big concern about officers of Nira not registering individuals whose names are similar to the ones from Rwanda,” Capt Kahonda said.
He said in Kigango Sub-county, Kyegegwa District, people with names such as Nsabimaana and Nzeyimaana have been barred from registering for national IDs.

“This question of the Banyarwanda, the government should come out clearly because we know Kisoro was cut and added to Uganda, and those are Ugandans, without doubt,” Col Mwesigye, a former Bush War fighter, tasked Gen Odongo, Minister of Internal Affairs to come clear on the matter.

Gen Odongo, in his response, said the government is at a crossroads since Nira officials rely on local leadership (Local Councils I and II).
“Unfortunately,” Gen Odongo said, “some local leaders are compromised, given that their ancestral background is traced to Rwanda.”

He cited Kyangwali in Hoima District, where a sub-county chairman is of Rwandan origin and that he is one of those escalating the infiltration of fellow Rwandans.
“He has bought two square miles of land and is telling Banyarwanda, ‘come, come, there is free land…,” Gen Odongo said.

Gen Odongo told the committee that he would investigate the matter and give a clearer response in due time.

Besides these, the 1995 Uganda Constitution acknowledges ‘Banyarwanda’ as one of the tribes of Uganda.

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