“The police came to our home in Kiyovu, Kigali today and took all the members of our family away with them. We do not know where they currently are and we have not been able to join any of them all day long. Considering our family history with the state of Rwanda, we are threatened by the following and we are pleading with each reader of this post to please exercise as much pressure as you can on the state of Rwanda to release our family” reported Aristide and Rwigass.

Sonia Rolley, RFI reporter was the first to report this message. Retweeted Sonia Rolley (@ Soniarolley): # Rwanda: According to the brother, Aristide, the Rwigara are no longer reachable, all their accounts WhatsApp are offline at the same time

The spokesman for the Rwanda National Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police Theo Badege, has dismissed as rumors claims that they are holding former presidential aspirant Diane Shima Rwigara and her family members.

Badege told The New Times Wednesday that instead Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers had conducted an operation in Rwigara home for the evidence in two cases in which family members are being accused.

“Diane Rwigara is not in custody. What is going on is preliminary investigations in two charges—forgery which concerns Diane personally and then tax evasion which concerns the family business,” he said.

According to the police, the crime of forgery charge which Diane Rwigara is accused on during the election period, where she invented the signatures to be handed over to the Commission to be qualified as a candidate. For non-payment of taxes, investigations are concerned with the Rwandan revenue Office, and even her family has already acknowledged some irregularities.

Rwigara’s family news is not new to the media

Before 2015, the year of the death of the father; Assinappol Rwigara, by an accident, this family father had escaped the police, and two senior officers were suspected. Rwigara was prosecuted for the death of three people on his construction site in Kiyovu. The police wanted to arrest him in mourning in a family at Nyamirambo, but the generals like Frank Rusagara (now retired and in prison for illegal possession of weapons) intervened.

On 4th February 2015,Rwigara died of an accident in Gacuriro, Kigali. A truck jammed his Mercedes Benz car and crashes him. He did not die on the field (according to the family), but his mortal remains were brought to the police hospital in Kacyiru, which the family did not agree so far.

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Diane Rwigara and her mother have always demonstrated to the media, a disagreement with the police about this death.

On 12th  September (seven months after his death), the city of Kigali began demolishing the building located in Kiyovu (plot 632), for reasons of long lasting and insecurity. Diane Rwigara did not agree, as she often stated to the media.

At the beginning of May 2017, Diane Shima Rwigara stated that she wants be among  presidential candidates for the 4th August and promised to fight against injustice in Rwanda, the interference of the State party in the affairs of people, the disappearance of people, unemployment, food insecurity and others.

In this struggle, Diane did not succeed because the Electoral Commission (NEC) rejected her, signatures, they were not original, that there were even those of ones who died before. In July, NEC communicated officially the three qualified candidates and Diane was disqualified.

On 14th  July, a week later, the successful candidates started the campaign, and Diane launched a non-partisan movement. The movement of the salvation of the people to fight for  human rights.

On 21st July 2017, two weeks after his disqualification, Diane Rwigara announced the closure by the security services of the factory Rwigass Tobacco Company located in the industrial park of Gikondo. Besides, according to Diane, all the bank accounts of this family were blocked, and  a good sum of six billion Rwandan francs stays there.

Today, Diane and the Rwigara family are under investigation for forgery signatures that used in NEC, and the company’s taxes are being searched and cut networks according to the information.

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Zacharia Murekezi


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