Malawian police are holding tight investigations on the murder of a Rwandan, under the name of Kamiziyo Misigalo, who was recently killed in a refugee camp based in the country’s region called Dzaleka.

Kamiziyo’s body was then taken to Dowa Hospital for basic investigation, before going far on the process.

The Dowa-based police announced that they started crucial investigations on who is behind this murder, where the incident took place in the refugee camp located in Dzaleka.

According to Malawi24, Misigalo’s roots are believed to be from Butare, now in Huye District, Southern Province.

Richard Kaponda, Dowa Police spokesperson said the murdered man is know through the names of Kamiziyo Misigalo.

Cansilde Nyirahabimana, Misigalo’s sister who lives at this camp, said she saw her brother dead a day after they met last month on January 30, 2017.

She said,” we last met on January 30 when he was fetching water at the water tap near his stay,  then i saw him lying down, dead the following day i went out to pick a phone call”

Misigalo’s body was then taken to Dowa Hospital for exams, with results from the exams while the police found him dead, lyind down the compound tied with a belt in the neck he was wearing, which could have been crucial to end his breathtaking.

Police investigations as they are in hunt for the suspects who could be behind Misigalo’s murder.

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