Police moves to enforce law on speed governors


The department of Traffic and Road Safety in Rwanda National Police has embarked on penalizing defiant public transporters, who are yet to install speed governors in their automobiles.

The Commissioner for the road safety department, Commissioner of Police (CP) George Rumanzi emphasized that installing the speed limit gadgets is by law and must be respected.

“We have had a long and enough time with all those concerned including the regulatory agency – RURA – the Ministry of Infrastructure and transporters, discussing on the whole process of acquiring and fitting these gadgets; a tender was awarded and the gadgets were procured, it’s unfortunate that there are some defiant transporters who have fervidly refused to comply, we have now reached the stage of enforcing the law,” CP Rumanzi said.

The decision is part of enforcing the February 2015 Presidential Order relating to installation of speed governors into public service vehicles and other commercial vehicles.

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“The highway traffic is currently enforcing this law and taking appropriate action; the motor-vehicle inspection centres are also checking if these gadgets are installed, functioning and if they were not tampered with,” he added.

The hi-tech device limits vehicles to the maximum speed of 60 kilometres per hour and has the capacity to trim down the speed to at least 25 kilometres per hour every time the vehicle attempts to exceed the set maximum velocity.

It also has a storage computer which allows controllers or traffic officer to check the previous speed of the vehicle, and errors if the device was tempered with.

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“Several meetings have been held since last year and all avenues and issues were discussed and exhausted jointly to ensure smoothly implementation of the Presidential Order by all those concerned, there shouldn’t be any excuse now. We wouldn’t want to penalize anyone but we have too if we have to protect the lives of people, prevent road carnage and ensure safer roads,” he said.

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