President Kagame encouraged youth to seize the opportunity for their role


President Paul Kagame asked youth to contribute to their country development and take their opportunity to play their role. He said this yesterday during the official closure of ninth edition of civic education training commonly known as Itorero of indangamirwa hosted at Gabiro district.

He said that young people can contribute to nation building by knowing who they are and what they want to achieve for themselves and their respective communities. He also called all youth Rwandans to not worry or excuse for their progress process as it is never too late to contribute.

“There are some who when called to contribute, would rather look for excuses. Do not run away from playing your role. It is never too late to contribute. Contributing starts with knowing who and what you want to be and doing it with purpose. Let us all leave here with the determination to build our country”.

The civic education training, Indangamirwa brings together Rwandan youth studying abroad and the best performing secondary school students in Rwanda getting ready to join university.

During the training, trainees come to know more about the country’s history, past and present Rwandan culture and values, critical thinking, recent socio-economic development and the values that are shaping Rwanda’s future.

Indangamirwa training session initiated from 2008 and the yesterday term was generally made of 345 students, includes 175 girls and 170 boys.

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