President Kagame urges Local leaders of caring residents’ lives


President Kagame has reminded local leaders of firstly setting the needs of the residents instead of theirs.

During today’s speech while launching local leaders retreat in Kigali, Kagame says this practice will boost their performances  as leaders as well.

“We need to reflect on how we serve our people. It is our responsibility. A leader should mind other people’s lives for his sake”

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“Rwandans must think broadly on how we can avoid external threats, … We must work in special way.We need to make a difference from people that we are facing similar problems.Everyone must think their contributions and feel it” he added

We can achieve our when we improve our ways.This is the objective of this retreat. As a landlocked country, sometimes we are influenced by the situation in neighbouring countries” he emphasised

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President Kagame Kagame said it is in team works and deep cooperation among different institutions that will lead to the benefit of everybody and Rwanda as whole.

The retreat is composed of 1300 Local leaders including Executive Secretary of Sectors and districts,districts advisors to name those few.

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Fred Masengesho Rugira/

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