President Paul Kagame yesterday warned local leaders in Northern Province and those in central government for their low performance.

Kagame said they will be held accountable for failing citizens who have put their trust in them.

“There are still too many things that are within our means and abilities but which are still not done. Citizens are never the issue; it is leaders who have fallen short of delivering. We have to hold leaders accountable from the highest to the lowest level,” he said.

The Head of State reassured citizens that efforts will be made to ensure that they receive government services, whether it’s about educating their children, providing healthcare, or ensuring access to jobs.

“There are some things that cannot be tolerated because of the trust you have placed in us,” he said, promising to improve service delivery to citizens.

Burera was the first stop of the President’s three day tour of Northern and Western provinces. Urugwiro Village.


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