President Magufuli applauds Kagame for his advice to restore Air Tanzania


The President of  United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli has cleared out how President Kagame has advised him to revive Tanzania’s air carrier.

President Magufuli revealed over the weekend that Kagame is a good friend who helped Tanzania how to walk out of the ditch of shame for not owning her own national air carrier.

“Let me thank President Kagame. He told me, just do it. If you delay you may meet bigger challenges,”  Magufuli said adding  “It’s when i realized that in Kagame i had a good friend”

“Kagame advised me to contact all the aircraft manufacturers at the same time to get good purchase deals. I did the same and actually bought seven planes,” Taarifa quoted president Magufuli

Dr.Magufuli  said the decision was made after analysis with advisers on how to boost tourism industry in Tanzania.

“We did an analysis and found that countries owning airlines also receive the highest numbers of tourists,” he announced last week

As for now, Tanzania has bought seven planes that are expected to boost Air Tanzania operations.

President Magufuli had a two day state visit in Rwanda by April 2016, he joined Rwanda’s counterpart Kagame at the inaugurationof  the Rusumo International Bridge and a one-stop border post.

The duo later drove at Kagame’s country home on the shores of Lake Muhazi.

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