President Paul Kagame and wife are in Djibouti for a two-day visit, from April 18th to 19th , as he adds the African-horn-located country among a number of countries he visited since he started the tour end last year in the process to strengthen and cement the cooperation between Rwanda and foreign countries in all aspects.

The visit follows one the Djibouti’s president Ismail Omar Guelleh had in Rwanda in March 2016 where both parties were looking to strengthen economic ties in the process.


Since the beginning of year 2017, President Kagame toured different countries in different corners of the world like in Asia where he visited India to attend Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, held between 9th and 11th January, during which he urged Indian investors to invest in Rwanda, which is always ready to welcome their business projects.

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Besides India, Kagame also went in Mali and took part in the France-Africa Summit and continued his trip to Davos in Switzerland to attend World Economic Forum that took place between January 17 and 19, 2017.

During the WEF 2017 held in Davos, President Kagame showed how ICT should be considered as nothing other than a necessary asset to the community towards development.

Kagame also attended the African Union Summit held in the Union headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he presented some reforms made by the Commission he was chairing and showed his fellow African heads of states how Africa can satisfy itself from its proper wealth without waiting for international donors’ funds.

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