Many Rwandan nationals arrest and torture in Uganda cases have occurred recently yet there are three famous Ugandan figures that it is hard to tell the story without their names mentioned.

Among them, there is a head of Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI), Brig. General Abel Kandiho. It is alleged that he cooperates with Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in recruiting Rwandans from various refugee camps in Uganda.

Virunga Post broke the story that CMI arrest and torture Rwanda nationals on list provided by Rnc’s members in Kampala such as Rugema Kayumba,acting coordinator of RNC activities in Uganda with the help of CMI operative Abdul Kalim Mulindwa aka Mukombozi.

Another figure is Uganda Minister of security (Rtd) Luteni Jenerali Henry Tumukunde.Minister Tumukunde was critisised by a Kenyan based website,The standard due to his involvement in Rwanda nationals petition in Uganda Parliament regarding security.

Chimpreports learned that this intimate friend to Gen.Kayumba Nyamwasa whom he sometimes pay a visit in South Africa.

Soft owner, Sarah Kagingo is a former press aid to President Museveni. Eversince she left State House, she has been working directly with President Museveni young brother Gen. Saleh and Uganda’s Security Minister Henry Tumukunde.

This website has been critisised by Virunga post of being partial while reporting in favor of Rwanda National Congress.

Overall,Uganda replied Rwanda’s diplomatic note regarding  arrest that those who were arrested are related to terrorism acts in Uganda.

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