Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries on earth with more than 12 million people and a population density of 519 per sq km and according to the 5th House Hold Living Survey, mainly due to limited access and non use of family planning. The biggest percentage of Rwandans being youth (53% are youth in Kigali), this means that they need more facilities to fully enjoy their lives.

Michel of visited one school in Kigali and interviewed Deborah uzamukunda, one of the pupils at Bwerankori primary school in Gikondo, a city suburb in Kigali. Deborah said:

“Going to school in a public bus or moto is not comfortable; i wish all students had their own school buses because it would even prevent interaction with sugar daddies that ends in teen pregnancies and school dropout”

According to data at the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, the number of teenage pregnancies in Rwanda has been increasing. In 2016 only, 17,500 girls between 16-19 were impregnated and one of the people called an epidemic and therefore the government has set up very tough strategies like campaigns to try and deal with the situation.

Other problems faced by children in urban Rwanda include lack of echo zones for learning; Lack of security issues that end in violence against children and poor environmental health suspected to be the main causes of cerebral issues like autism to mention a few.

One of the parents interviewed by wished that it would be great if city administration would consider and integrate children concerns in urban planning in Kigali e.g. the master plan developers should have sufficiently consulted children.

By Michel sinkabumwe


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