RDRC urged Former FDLR combatants to abandon past ideological quests


Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RDRC) recalled Former FDRL fighters who have completed a six months training lesson aimed at helping them to better and easily reintegrate in society to drop bad ideological pursuits.

Thirty-eight ex combatants course took place at Gacuriro Vocational Training Centre in Kigali and covered various skills includes welding, electricity, tailoring and masonry.

The Chairperson of Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RDRC), Jean Sayinzoga, urged the trainees to use the acquired skills in shaping their future and helping their country build up.

He said the government was doing its best to empower every Rwandan with relevant skills and encouraged them to work hard and called on the former combatants to abandon their past ideological pursuits and promote national unity and development.

“You should all commit to making the most of the skills acquired, at an individual level,” he said.

Many said they regretted the years they spent in subversive activities in FDLR ranks and called on their former colleagues and families that remain holed up in the jungles of DR Congo to abandon the militia and the hate ideology it espouses and return home, according to TNT.

He said that when he returned to Rwanda in 2014, he noticed that the country offered all its citizens immense and equal opportunities to develop themselves and their families.

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