Real fights result to overcoming challenges, true liberation come up with solutions


The real fights do not mean just fighting, but to fight any evil things: bad governance, illiteracy, poverty, divisionism, greed, disastrous diseases, corruption, human rights violation and many more.

This is what has long shaped RPF-Inkotanyi since they were born. They would provide backup to their partners and remain the same since they took the rule, and their character is earning them confidence to be referred in peacekeeping and community development around the world


They started the liberation battle with their weapons to put aside the then leaders who were discomforting their people they were responsible to protect.

Their mission was accomplished, although the fights left the nation in misery, with over a million of Tutsi losing their lives.

The battle of bullets has ended in favor of RPF, who liberated the country on July 4th 1994, and, since then, the song of victory started but it also became the start of another battle against a different enemy, which is a set of challenges hindering the country’s development, all for the sake of the people.

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First to the rescue, catalysts to community welfare

During the recent years, when Rwanda defense forces and Police have been on duty to peacekeeping, they have been hailed for their love actions while on duty, worn in uniforms, weapons on thri shoulders, but with the same mission of assuring security.

Moreover, they do not cease to attend community services out there and drive for different charity activities on vulnerable community. In Central African Republic, for instance, Rwandan soldiers built a road, which has long been closed between the country’s neighbors, Cameroon and Congo Brazzaville and is now active as it is facilitating trade between their people.

Also, in the same country, 36 Rwandan Police have recently collected the support for orphans who are being taken care of in Byzantine Orthodox Church’s Mission located in Bimbo. The support includes bed items, food stuffs and hygiene materials. Later on, they joined people living around that place and cleaned the orphanage compound.

RPF’s activities speak themselves, even in South Sudan; they build houses for people there, the same in Haiti, in Mali and elsewhere, as well as enjoying festive season with orphans.


Here in Rwanda, you can see national army in different community activities like Community service known as ‘Umuganda’ where they build and repair roads and houses for vulnerable families but special attentions are taken to disaster indigenous regions, especially in the Northern region like Rulindo, Gicumbi and Gakenke which appear to be affected by heavy rains during rainy seasons.

They are also involved in the construction of new roads, especially in settlement creation, in the likes of Ndera sector where they built a set of roads in Runyonza village for better circulation around the area.


Army and Police week initiatives are also held in bid to provide free medical service delivery to the community like optical cure. This time around, the upcoming ‘Police Week’ will be held as Rwanda National Police will be celebrating 17 years of service.

Over the month of celebrations, 3000 households and 30 health posts will benefit from solar electricity, to facilitate day students revise their studies during evenings.

They also plan to build a football pitch, build and repair some houses, and pay community health insurance premiums for vulnerable families in Gikomero.

One cannot expect activities like these from these bullet shooters by any chance, except when you know them well. To them, the enemy is not those who are killed by bullets but the dark, loneliness, diseases and other disasters.


It even happened before

Although their main duty was fighting the enemy, RPF-Inkotanyi troops would sometimes initiate in charity and rescue activities and people who lived around them can testify, while their enemies talk of them with an insulting language.

Some known as PC (Political Commissioners), had a tough job to clear such understandings from people’s minds, especially those from the regions they used to serve their security duties like Nkana,Gatsirima, Gikoba, Cyono, Karama, Muhambo, Kaborogota, Kaniga , Rubaya, Gishambashayo, Kinihira, Bungwe, Kinyababa, Butaro, Kinigi.

A resident from Cyono says Inkotanyi militia would cure them and would take food reserved for fellow sick soldiers and give them while another from Gishambashayo says they would protect he and fellow residents from the enemy, known as Inzirabwoba, when they were going to find something to eat

This is how people got to know that Inkotanyi are the people of Rwanda, loyal to their country who are not like those who were divisionism catalysts, with ideology to push people out of the country of their origin while others were suffering from hunger, poverty and illiteracy due to lacking their rights.

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As agreement on cease-fire were in process, Inkotanyi would take a little breathe. According to the past servants, they would play Football with the community in Kinihira while others appeared on the ground assisting the match, dancing. It would also be good time to urge people taking care of their hygiene, while they would also join them on their farm fields to help them practice modern agriculture and animal growing.

The main objective of the battle was to fight injustice and poverty. To date, they have been making the difference in their recent activities and they do them like it is in their veins and seems like they were inherited to it. Some who know them more than we do say that they used to run away for escape when they met them but are this time excited to be among prior beneficiaries of their initiatives.

The fact that their actions continue to make difference is that they are led by their chief, who always lead wherever it matters, the one who took refuge to an end, who is behind women promotion and satisfying milk provider, His Excellency Paul Kagame.

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