REB worries as huge mistakes are found in Primary School Kinyarwanda book


Rwanda Education Board has raised the issue concening huge mistakes that are found in Primary School Kinyarwanda book 2 titled “Igitabo cy’Umunyeshuri”

In a letter to all Primary Schools across Rwanda, the board state that there are mistakes on page 128 in first stanza of National Anthem ‘Rwanda Nziza’.

The book reads ‘ngobyi idutetse’ instead of  ‘iduhetse’ and ibiruga of ibirunga which totally give different message.

Read the letter here

The publisher DAKKAR Ltd was urged to collect the mistakes immediately.

The concern is raised following UNESCO statement that Kinyarwanda is among languages that would lost in days to come unless proactive measures are taken.

Fred Masengesho Rugira/


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